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K.C. Cab Business Information

K.C. Cab
Washington, US
Zip Code:
(509) 929-3055
Website URL:
Delivery Service
Shuttle Service
Taxicabs & Transportation Service
Taxi Services: Featuring exclusively mini-van cabs, but will pick up anyone who calls. They will often lease their vans/drivers at hourly rates for events such as weddings, etc instead of solely individual rides. They are proud to partner with charity events with the Food Bank or Courage Classic in Seattle: https://www.multicare.org/courage-classic/ They do a lot of charity work and are constantly giving away prizes with drawings and their Frequent Rider Cards. Card is a buy 7, get 1 free card and you are entered into raffle when you finish the card. He will give discounts to people who bring cans of food to donate to the Food bank. He will take less fortunate people to the food bank, got locked out of their car, graduations, help them load up the cab, or need a specific part. Deliveries: they are looking to expand their courier services. They also help elderly/disabled with their groceries/errands and will even deliver. MORE IN PRODUCTS SECTION, ran out of gas, then take them home for a total of $5. Roadside Assistance: they also help people who are stuck and need a jump, they offer 24-hour Taxi Service to the whole state. They are licensed through Ellensburg
CONTINUED SERVICES: Deliveries: They are willing to take orders and make runs for people if they so choose. Direct quote "you could call me, and accommodating services. They care more about their clients than their own profits. Their main customers (though they have a wide range): - Central Washington University students/nightlife - Locals looking for a responsible night out (no driving) - Elderly/disabled during the day to help with errands and appointments, highly professional, now she calls them everyday for business. They take her to the grocery store or her appointments. They are devoted to providing on-time, say I need a pack of cigarettes and a 6-pack of Bud Light and I'd bring it to you." He tells the story of one of his drivers noticing an elderly woman who lost track of how far away she walked from her house and was tired. His driver took her home for free
Major Intersection:
46.996514, -120.547847
Accepted Payment:
Cash, Debit, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal

About K.C. Cab

K.C. Cab is locally owned and located in Ellensburg, Washington, and has been providing superior taxi service to the state of Washington since 2015.

, Ellensburg, Washington 98926
(509) 929-3055


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