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Rotating Machine Rebuilders Business Information

Rotating Machine Rebuilders
1403 N. Liberty St.

Texas, US
Zip Code:
(361) 433-5133
Website URL:
Machine Shops
Machinery (Manufacturers)
Products and Services
Products and Services
M-F 7am-5pm, Sa-Su 8am-2pm
Emergency Industrial Gearbox Repair, Industrial Air Pre-heater Drives Repaired, Industrial Anchor Winch Gear Drives Repaired, Industrial Ball Mill Drives Repaired, Industrial Calendar Drives Repaired, Industrial Classifier Drives Repaired, Industrial Coiler Drives Repaired, Industrial Conveyor Drives Repaired, Industrial Cooling Towers Repaired, Industrial Crane Drives Repaired, Industrial Crane Slew & Winch Drives Repaired, Industrial Crusher Drives Repaired, Industrial Curing Drives Repaired, Industrial Draw Works Gear Drives Repaired, Industrial Dumper Drives Repaired, Industrial Enclosed Drives Repaired, Industrial Extruder Drives Repaired, Industrial Gearbox Repair, Industrial Gen Set High-Speed Gear Drives Repaired, Industrial Generator Drives Repaired, Industrial High & Low-Speed Gearboxes for Compressor Drives Repaired, Industrial High & Low-Speed Gearboxes for Pump Drives Repaired, Industrial Jack Up Rig Gear Drives Repaired, Industrial Kiln Drives Repaired, Industrial Marine Gears Repaired, Industrial Mill Drives Repaired, Industrial Mixer Drives Repaired, Industrial Mud/Frac Pump Gear Drives Repaired, Industrial Pulverizer Drives Repaired, Industrial Pump Repair, Industrial Right Angled Firewater Pump Gear Drives Repaired, Industrial Top Drive Gears Repaired
Allen Gear, Alliance, Alten, Amarillo, American, American Maplan, BMA, Babbini, Baker Perkin, Beloit, Bethlehem, Black Clawson, Boston, Brook Hansen, Browning, CMI, Cabot, Chemineer, Churchill, Cincinnati Milacron, Cleveland, Cone Drive, Conrad, Cook, Corner Stone, Cotta, Cyclo, DO James, David Brown, Ding Dresser, Dominion, Durand, FWD-Flour Western, Faffel, Farrell, Flender, Foot Jones, Forano, GD- Gardner Denver, GE- General Electric, GEC, Gaso, Gloucester, Graffenstaden, HPM, Hamer Hesston, Hansen, Henchel Idecco, Hercules Gear, Herzog, Horsburgh Scott, Hub City, Illinois Gear, Ingersol Rand, JSW Jensen, KMD-Krauss Maffi, Kodiak, Koellman, Le Grand, Leroy Soner, Liestrich, Lightning, Linkbelt, Little Ford, Louis Allis, Marley, Master, Midway, Mitsubishi, Morgan, Morse, Murray, NPS, NRM, National, Nuttall, Oilwell, P&H Crane , PIV, Pacific Gear, Parkersburg, Philadelphia, Prager, Pratt & Whitney, Radicon, Reeves, Renk, Reuland, Rexnord, Rossi, Sew Eurodrive, Sterling, Sunward
28.807860, -97.003020
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About Rotating Machine Rebuilders

We provide total replacement of gearing, bearings, and seals for all major brands. We have expertise in the overhaul or repair of any manufacturer's gearbox. We work on all Foreign and Domestic gearboxes and offer FREE pickup and delivery. We are the nations most trusted industrial gearbox repair specialists! We're passionate about serving our clients and thank you in advance for choosing Rotating Machine Rebuilders. We take pride in our work and in meeting and exceeding our client's expectations.

No matter what kind of gears you have chances are good that we service, manufacture and repair them…

Bevel Gears
Cast Iron Gears
Cycloidal Gears
Defense Gears
Differential Gears
External Gears
Face Gears
Fine Pitch Gears
Girth Gears
Ground Gears
Helical Gears
Hypoid Bevel Gears
Herringbone Gears
Internal Gears
Industrial Gears
Mill Gears
Pinion Gears
Precision Gears
Planetary Gears
Rack Gears
Ring Gears
Sprocket Gears
Spiral Bevel Gears
Spur Gears
Straight Bevel Gears
Sugar Mill Gears
Turbine Gears
Transmission Gears
Winch Gears
Worm Gears

Pumps and Blowers
(All types repaired and serviced).
Boiler Feed Water Pumps
Booster Pumps
Centrifugal Blowers
Centrifugal Pumps
Chill Water Pumps
Fire Pumps
Gear Pumps
Fine Pitch Gears
Horizontal Split-Case
Positive Displacement Pumps
Slurry Pumps
Steam Turbine Pumps
Submersible Pumps
Sum Pumps
Vacuum Pumps
Vertical Turbine Pumps
Waste Water Pumps
Water Pumps
Our In-House Machine Shop Capabilities:
Custom Machine Work
Cutting Key-Ways
Dynamic Balancing
Dynamic Balancing of Impellers
Lathe Work
Mechanical Seal Repair
Metal Repair
Shaft Straightening
OEM’s Pump
(All types repaired and serviced).
Allis Chalmers
Bell & Gossett
Byron Jackson Peerless
Fairbanks Morse
Foster Wheeler
Ingersoll Rand (ir)
Pacific • Roots
Suitor Belt
Specializing in Pump Repair for All Industries:
Chemical Process
Food & Beverage / Dairy
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper
Refining & Petrochemical
Steel & Aluminum
Water / Wastewater

Here Are Just A Few of the Drives that RMR Services:
Air Pre-heater Drives
Anchor Winch Gear Drives
Ball Mill Drives
Crane Drives
Coiler Drives
Crusher Drives
Calendar Drives
Curing Drives
Conveyor Drives
Cooling Towers
Classifier Drives
Crane Slew & Winch Drives
Dumper Drives
Draw Works Gear Drives
Enclosed Drives
Extruder Drives
Generator Drives
Gen Set High-Speed Gear Drives
High & Low-Speed Gearboxes for Compressor Drives
High & Low-Speed Gearboxes for Pump Drives
Jack Up Rig Gear Drives
Kiln Drives
Marine Gears
Mill Drives
Mixer Drives
Mud/Frac Pump Gear Drives
Pulverizer Drives
Right Angled Firewater Pump Gear Drives
Top Drive Gears
And Much More…

Here Are Just A Few of the Additional Services RMR Offers:

Alignment: Critical Alignments of turbines, compressors, and gearboxes. Using reverse indicator laser alignment.

Blowers & Fans: Buffalo, Dresser Roots, Hoffman, Robinson, Sutorbuilt, Spencer, and Skinner.

Centrifuges: Alfa Laval, Bird, Delaval, Dorr Oliver, Flottweg, Krauss Maffei, and Sharples.

Compressors: Clark, Carrier, Cooper, Demag, Delaval, Elliot, Ingersol-Rand, and Worthington.

Cleaning: abrasive, water blast, glass bead, sand and sugar blast, wire brush, and grinding.

Dryers: Bepex, Gala, Gatx, Krauss Maffei, Luwa, and Sandvic.
Dynamic Balancing: Service up to 120″ in diameter, 40″ in length, and up to 20 tons.

Single & Double Barrel Extruders: Baker Perkins, Battenfield, Cincinnati Milacron, JSW, Farrell, Gloucester, Kobe, Littleford, NRM, Sterling, W.P., Welex, and Welding Engineers.

Inspection: visual, dye penetrate, MPI-magnetic particle inspection, gear checking, radiographic, and or ultrasonic.

Journals: repair by machining, grinding, sleeving, chrome plating, metalizing, or shaft replacement.

Mixers: Baneberry, Chemineer, Farrell, Henchel, Jensen, JSW, Lightning, Philadelphia, Stewart Bowling, and Welex.
Overhead Crane Parts: crane wheels, cable drums, gears, shafts, and gearboxes.

Precision Grinding: rotors up to 3′ and 72″ O.D. (outside diameter)
Rotary Kiln & Dryer Parts: girt gears, pinions, trunnion rollers, thrust rollers, bearing housings, speed reducers, and tires.

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