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Tarbuck P.i. and Associates Detective Agency Business Information

Tarbuck P.i. and Associates Detective Agency
The Washington Trust Building
6 South Main Street Suites 409
Pennsylvania, US
Zip Code:
(724) 225-8286
Website URL:
Transportation - Services
M-Su 9am-5pm
40.170761, -80.245201
Accepted Payment:
[email protected]

About Tarbuck P.i. and Associates Detective Agency

Do you need a Private Eye {Private Investigator} and/or Uniformed Armed/Unarmed Security Guards...Then you came to the Right Place..."You Name It"!
Our Founder of 39 Yrs. Ago Remains Involved with All Daily Operations. He Made a Career out of being a Licensed by The Courts; Private Investigator and also Holds The P.i. License issued by The Courts/Judge to Form and Maintain our Licensed Security Guard and Private Investigative Agency so we may Legally Offer and Supply our Security Services of MANY Levels to Individuals, Companies, Industrial Sites and/or Just about anybody and/or any Company and/or Government Entity for Virtually ANYTHING within The Security Industry. Mr. T. Doesn't do this Part-time.... He has dedicated to making a Life out of this Security & Investigative Agency and his Results definitely shows how serious he takes his Business that He Founded & Created and Proud to say that at 1 point in his career he had over 300 Employee's and He feels Good ab giving back via employing a lot of LOCAL People and more importantly feels Great for being instrumental in feeding a lot of Families. This is 1 Strong Asset that Separates our Company from Others bc This has been Mr. T's ONLY Job for the past 39yrs and you can't make it that long in the Security/Investigative Industry w/o doing a lot MORE RIGHT then incorrect. If we detect a Problem we are on top of it and Fix it bf it Multiplies into a much Bigger Issue. You can Find our Services we have to offer at our New Website: www.tarbuckpi-security.com or Simply E-mail ANY Questions you have or to communicate via e-mail with a Live Licensed P.i. at: [email protected] Thank you for taking the time to read our brief outline of our Company; if you made it this far then I would say that if you have a problem then most likely We are The P.i. Firm to Solve your Problem and/or Mystery. We Also can Provide an Abundance of Sensitive Info via our Contacts & Connections that Mr. T. has acquired over the Many yrs of being in the P.i. Business. From Asset Searches to a Simple CP Break...You give us The CP # and/or Landline # and we will Flip that bk around and let you kn to whom it's being billed to as well as Many, Many Other Types of Covert Record Retrieval. We can Open Doors that the Average Person CAN'T and/or as well as others in the same type of Security/P.i Industry and that answer is quite simple bc it's in the # of yrs (#39) we have been in business and established Solid Contacts/Connections that Trust Us and are willing to work w us compared to others.The 39 Yrs Mr.T. says; "was a well Earned Investment for our Clientele"Don't hesitate Contact US!!

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