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Rocky Mountain Soothies Business Information

Rocky Mountain Soothies
124 Sherry Ln

Montana, US
Zip Code:
(406) 755-6511
Website URL:
Pain Control
Alternative Medicine
Health & Medical - Clinics & Medical Centers
Our shop is closed but please shop online on our website!
48.215320, -114.338710
Accepted Payment:
[email protected]

About Rocky Mountain Soothies

Soothies Are Custom, Hand-Made, All Natural, Self-Moistening Flexible, Heat Wraps and Warming Pads, and Cooling Wraps and Cooling Pads. They Are Available in 5 Sizes: 1 Wrap Style and 4 Warming Pad Sizes. Use HOT Or COLD. n Over 350 Colors and Pattern Designs To Choose From.

The Soothie Was Created and Designed by Owner Patty Dyhrberg 18 Years Ago In Her Living Room in Kalispell, Montana After She Went To Her New Doctor For a Meet and Greet Appointment. On Her Way Out She Asked Her Doctor What She Could Do For a Stiff Neck. Doctor Said Put Warm, Moist Heat On It. She Asked "How Do I Do That?" The Doctor Said 'Good Luck With That. There Use to Be a Thing Called a Rice Bag But They Went Away a Long Time Ago. Haven't Seen them In Ages'. Next Day Patty Looked All Over Town For One To No Avail. She Went To a Health Food Store As a Last Result To See If They Had Them. Owner Said No But They Get Asked a Lot For Them. He Told Patty That If Anyone Made Them He Would Stock Them. A Month Later the Soothie Was Created. A Lot of Time and Much Trial and Error Testing Went On To Perfect It In the 2 Months That Followed. The Trick Was To Find a Filling That Would Produce It's Own Moist Heat Without Having To Wet It and Not Grow Mold As the Old Rice Bag Did. Finally She Had It and It Worked Beautifully. Patty Had Neighbors and Friends Try It and They Did Not Want To Give It Back To Her! The Time Had Come To Test the Market and Took Soothies to the Farmer's Market. They Were Successful There. She Then Tried a Larger Market and Took a Hundred Of Them To a Big Regional Craft Show in Kalispell and In the First Hour Of the Show She Was Sold Out. She Went Home and Made As Many As She Could Sewing All Night. When She Got To the Show Sunday People Were Standing In Line Waiting For Her Booth To Open. She Again Sold Out In the First Hour. Patty expanded Into the Retail Market. That Went Good As Well. 6 Years Ago She Launched Her WebPage and That Is Buzzing As Well. The WebPage is Unique. There You Will Find a Duplicate Of Everything She Has in Her Walk-In Shop. Visitors Choose the Size and Style They Want and Then Go To the "Swatch Gallery" Where One Can View All Of the Over 300 Flannels In the Shop. The Customer Chooses the Pattern Design or Deigns They Want, Sends This Information to Patty, and she then Custom Makes the Order. When Orders Are Completed She Ships Them To You. You Can Even Order As a Gift and Have It Shipped To the Gifte With a Note From the Gifter Enclosed.Soothies Are Made From Top-Of-The-Line High Quality Flannel. They Are Exceptional Gifts To Give For Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas, Office Gifts, Someone Coming Home From a Hospital Stay, Or a Just Because Gift. Rocky Mountain Soothies Also Has "The Men's Shop" Within Her Shop That Has Flannel Patten Colors and Designs Just For Men. Soothies Are For Everyone From Infants To Centurions, Men Or Women.

Their top of the line flannel makes them a viable solution for aches and pains. Call (406) 755-6511 to speak to a member of their staff or visit their website for more information.

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