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Immuno Labs
6801 Powerline Road

Fort Lauderdale
Florida, US
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(954) 691-2500
(954) 827-2750
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M-F 8:30am-5:30pm, Sa-Su Closed (Please call for us to help schedule testing with one of our physician partners. Appointments are necessary for blood draws.)
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Immuno Labs's Bloodprint® test helps you fee

About Immuno Labs

As natural creators, we have unlimited potential to shape our life into whatever form we choose. It’s simply a matter of awareness and willingness. Awareness of our divine capabilities and the willingness to take action, to use our power of creation to carve our ideal circumstance– in how we look and feel; in how we connect to ourselves, our environment and each other. With perceived challenges come perceived solutions, an organic balance that offers hope in even the most seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

For 42+ years, Immuno Labs has offered hope to patients willing to make necessary shifts in their life toward improved health and wellness. We spend great time, money and energy searching for solutions to these challenges; while physicians seek treatments and cures with limited results or frustration. Our quality of life suffers at the physical, mental and emotion strain of the unknown. Of countless pills, prescriptions, misdiagnoses, and question marks.

Through food sensitivity testing, patients are given their unique Bloodprint® to gain awareness of what foods may be causing chronic illness, inflammation or ailment. Food sensitivities are as unique to the individual as a fingerprint. We’re often uninformed what foods create problematic ripple effects in our body, ultimately projecting outward into our lives. That’s because there’s a direct link between what you eat and how you feel— and feelings are the tools by which your reality is created. There’s no one-size-fits-all to well-being, so Immuno Labs believes in the transformative power of awareness. Of knowing your personal Bloodprint® to eliminate foods causing life-long suffering. Because why suffer when the answers are within you?

Immuno Labs is not about diet or exercise; not about altering the landscape of your life to magically feel better.

It’s about knowledge.


It’s about gaining the awareness to finally make an educated choice to do something different. The type of awareness that makes you think maybe, just maybe, things can change. Just maybe there is hope. Just maybe there’s part of us willing to try a new way of living without having to erase everything we know. There’s no fault in the unknown, but there’s incredible power in discovery. Immuno offers the chance to discover what foods are standing in the way of your best life, what foods you’re consuming that are inadvertently consuming you.

Founded by Jeffrey and Cher Zavik, Immuno Labs has helped thousands of physicians discover individualized treatments, and millions of patients change their lives. As innovators in personalized medicine, Jeffrey and Cher sought to radically transform the healthcare industry by putting the power back in the hands of the patient, raising global awareness that “the right food is your first and best medicine”®. And that power can be a game changer. In addition to identifying one's unique Bloodprint®, the Zavik’s ensure Immuno Labs empowerment is carried into personalized service with nutritional coaching, curated grocery and recipe lists, as well as ongoing support. Immuno Labs offers the power of awareness, of knowing. An empowerment that enables you to change the way you feel, the way you think, how you see yourself and the world around you. Empowerment that enables you to be at ease in your own skin and relearn who you are – unencumbered. Immuno Labs is for you. It’s for your body, your mind, for your overall well-being. It’s for those in your life who want to forge an even more meaningful relationship. Because the lifestyle and dietary shifts made as a result of your Bloodprint® will in turn improve the ability to be more present with your loved ones, as well as enhance the quality of those connections. It cuts out the bits that no longer serve, so you can focus on what’s important.


Immuno Labs offers food and environmental testing for patients with chronic health conditions to identify undiagnosed underlying causes due to allergies and sensitivities. By providing expedited lab results (48-72 hours) for up to 207+ trigger foods and environmental allergies based on a unique Bloodprint®, patients can quickly eliminate reactive food items to optimize their health and well-being. Personalized support is given with 90-day nutritional coaching, custom meal plans, grocery and recipe lists, on-line community with resource tools, and 100% money-back guarantee. Immuno Labs has successfully provided 51+ million tests with 97% of physicians engaged in repeat testing for over a decade.

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