Pickup Locations

Our Partnering Pickup Locations

We deliver your pre-ordered meals to pickup locations on Sundays and Wednesdays. Your meals will arrive promptly before 6 am and will be stored in our Vital Kitchen refrigerator for you to retrieve at your convenience. We will hold your order at the pickup location for three days, so simply swing in when it’s convenient for you, no rush! Please be aware of the hours of operation for your selected pickup location, as some of our locations are not open or may close early on Sundays.

    Home Delivery

    You will receive your delivery between 4 and 9 pm on your scheduled delivery day. On average you can expect to receive your delivery before 8 pm, but on occasion, our drivers could be running behind due to unpredictable Houston traffic. The delivery courier will place your fresh foods at your doorstep in an insulated cooler bag, followed by a text message to alert you that your meals have arrived! We also ask that you put your bag and ice packs back out for us to pick up on your next delivery.