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Alternative Solutions With Results
Wyoming, US
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(303) 632-9056
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43.751883, -105.491335
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About Alternative Solutions With Results

Beverly Zeimet published Author, International Speaker, Identity Revelation Specialist, Energy Worker, Retreat Facilitator, Personal Development Coach specializing in emotional release. The battle with Depression, Anxiety, Guilt, Anger, Grief or Shame is a subconscious program manipulating actions. Eliminate the control and take charge of your destiny? Confidence levels rise, self-esteem increases, you feel empowered, inner peace returns and you u2019re in charge. Communication with self is less conflicting and harmony is present in life. We use Simple and Effective 5 Step techniques that help recognize old programs, eliminate the feelings that operate them so you can replace it with a program of your design. True Identity shows up with clarity of purpose. People in all walks of life hire Beverly or team member to help with correcting stress from anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, fear, grief or negative feelings fueling an emotion that haunts you unconsciously and continuously preventing you from living your life u2019s purpose. Where do you place judgment on the self or play the victim. This is a program every human has experienced at some time in their life. How can you prevent it from continuing to control your destiny? If you are truly ready to take charge of your destiny then contact Beverly or team member to begin experiencing immediate results that will change your life. She has over 35 years of service assisting others in discovering their true identity and purpose in life. Visualize what your life will look and feel like when you perform from a place of inner trust, harmony, peace, joy and confidence throughout your day. Join the thousands who are living a life FREE of negative emotional control from outdated programming. Take charge of your destiny, leave the legacy you dreamed of and turn your visions into reality. It all starts with one phone call to 702-527-3191 or an email to info@beverlyzeimet.com In 1949 she was born in Iowa on a farm and 2nd oldest of 11 children. At 25 she found herself the mother of 3 under the age of 5, in a dead end marriage, not living the life of her dreams, she felt she had no identity of her own and no real purpose for being alive. She was fighting depression and harbored an enormous amount of anger. In the 70's there was no self-help or personal development information available. This was her silent secret that was eating away at her internally every moment of her life. She blamed everyone for her miserable life, even God. She wanted out and felt her only escape was to end her life. She knows what it is to play the VICTIM! One hot summer night she took a long walk to plan her exit off the planet. After several hours of expressing her anger towards God and everyone else she blamed, a feeling of calmness came over her and she heard a voice say, Who will take care of your children if you are gone? That message brought her back to reality very fast. She decided to make a deal with the voice to stick around if the voice would guide her to make the necessary changes to create a life free from all the inner conflict she was exhibiting. The voice agreed and she was on her way. 5 years later she was single, living in Denver with her three children, living the life of her dreams in charge of her destiny. She had a good start on her true identity and found her passion that gives her purpose. That voice was her higher self, her soul essence who had direct communication with the Divine Intelligence, the power greater than self. You to have the ability to connect with your higher self and communicate with that power greater than you that will guide you to becoming co-creator of your life u2019s destiny. We help you get results at your pace. The 5 Step techniques are a result of Beverly u2019s journey with self that set her FREE from her self-made emotional prison. Get started today make the call make the change! 702-527-3191 or email info@beverlyzeimet.com

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