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Crime Scene Cleanup Dallas

BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning Business Information

BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning
13355 Noel Road
Suite 1100
Texas, US
Zip Code:
(469) 240-2020
Website URL:
Crime & Trauma Scene Clean-Up
M-Su 24hr
Biohazard Cleanup, Blood Cleanup, Crime Scene Cleanup, Dead Body Cleanup, Death Cleanup, Hoarder Clean Up, Homicide Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Trauma Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup
OSHA Certified, HAZCOM Certified
32.929388, -96.818638
Accepted Payment:
American Express, Check, MasterCard, VISA
[email protected]
Jesse, one of the owners of the Dallas location, a

About BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning

BioTechs is one of the leading crime scene cleanup Dallas based companies. The company started nearly two decades ago, and it was one of the first of its kind in the state of Texas at the time. Today we help families who are dealing with the traumatic loss of a family member and/or loved one. We are local, with an office here in Dallas TX, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other than crime scene clean up, we can assist you with dead body cleanup. Once the body has been removed from the area, then we will come in to extract the bio matter left behind on furniture, carpet, walls, mattresses, and more. Secondly, we do blood cleanup and suicide cleanup. We can help you to sanitize the area from pathogens and restore the space back to a peaceful room that anyone would feel safe reentering into. We've been wildly successful at restoring some of the worst chaotic scenes back into a normal space without any signs of death, blood, or unsightliness. Third, we can assist you with industrial and chemical accidents with our biohazard cleanup services. We will not not only cleanup the affected area, but we also dispose of the contaminants by following state laws and OSHA requirements to ensure that it is disposed of properly. Fourth, we offer trauma scene cleanup and homicide cleanup services. When a crime has been committed on your property, by a tenant or by someone who you know very well, we can come in and remove the unsightliness so that you and your loved ones are not scared by the horror of removing it yourself. This can also be said for death and unattended death cleanup.

There's no need to go it alone. We are one of the leading companies to help with these unique services and more. Some of our other services include hoarder clean up and cleaning services, fatal drug and meth lab removal, vehicle blood remediation, infectious disease cleanup and sanitization, contamination, fecal matter and sewage backup, animal waste removal, scabies and lice remediation, and bird dropping removal. All of our services are available to both residential and commercial businesses.

Although the common role for crime scene cleanup companies consists primarily of suicide cleaning and dead body cleaning, we wish to be more than that. We want to be there for you. Our family here at BioTechs understands the tragedy that comes from losing a loved one expectedly. Let us help you with this burden. We can work directly with your insurance company, and if they give us the approval, then we can begin work with no upfront cost to you. All we need is the name of your insurance company, and your policy number and we can take over from there to coordinate and expedite the work that needs to get done. We do this so that you can focus on what's most important right now, which is the care and well being of you and your family.

There's no reason not to call. Pick up the phone and reach out to us today. We look forward to assisting you.

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