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Lambie Funeral Home Business Information

Lambie Funeral Home
8000 Rowland Ave

Pennsylvania, US
Zip Code:
(215) 332-6110
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M-Su 24hr
40.045588, -75.031727
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About Lambie Funeral Home

Lambie Funeral Home was established in 1949 by David F. Lambie along with his wife Dorothy. In 1970, Lambie Funeral Home moved to its current location. Our facility provides a warm, comfortable place for friends and families to gather. Our parlor is equipped with an upright piano, wireless sound system, video memorial equipment and seating to accommodate large groups. We offer safe off-street parking, handicap accessibility, a lounge equipped with television, toys, and movies for children, and a saltwater fish tank. In addition, we maintain a selection room on premises; and our funeral home can procure other funeral or cremation merchandise you may require. We stand ready to accommodate requirements or wishes you may have. We offer a warm, comfortable place to gather with friends and family to honor the memory of a loved one. We personalize our services to meet your needs and budget. Pre-planning with Lambie Funeral Home, being prepared is having peace of mind and of all the ways one can express love, one of the most thoughtful involves funeral planning before the need arises. There are many reasons for pre-planning funerals, none more important than your family. By pre-planning, you spare your family difficult decisions at a difficult time. They will not have to search for records, insurance policies, addresses, and other important items. You will also eliminate their doubts. Wondering what you would have wanted is an added burden to family members who are already dealing with grief from their loss. Once you've made your decision, you will tell us exactly what funeral service you wish. We'll help you put it in writing. Then there's no doubt about your expressed wishes. So there will be no family disputes or involvement by others who may not know what you wanted. Your loved ones won't need to ask: Did we do the right thing? Did we spend too much or too little? Is it what he or she wanted? Did we forget anything? All that's eliminated because it's in writing. We offer a wide choice of services and several funding options designed to simplify pre-payment. You may select to pre-pay costs at today's price, which will save you money. Your funds are protected from inflation. Our family and staff have developed a tradition of caring by assisting families with funeral arrangements for many years. If your family prefers a traditional formal service, you will find it with us. If a more intimate service setting is preferred, you can find that too. Whatever your wishes, they can be fulfilled in a way which creates a truly memorable service and offers real comfort for family and friends. For more information on pre-arranged funerals, or to receive a free pre-planning guide, please contact us. We offer a warm, comfortable place to gather with friends and family to honor the memory of a loved one. We personalize our services to meet your needs and budget. About pre-planning, Lambie Funeral Home offers an online pre-planning form to assist you in gathering your planning details. We are available to discuss your planning questions too. Ask us a question. Please feel free to approach us with your questions. We are available to consult with you about topics that are important to you, so please email or call today.

8000 Rowland Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19136
(215) 332-6110


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