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Bill's Glass and windshields Business Information

Bill's Glass and windshields
319 E Mcandrews Rd
Oregon, US
Zip Code:
(541) 773-5881
(541) 773-5881
Website URL:
Doors - Closers & Checks (Wholesale)
Glass - Auto Plate & Window
Windows (Wholesale)
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Major Intersection:
Mcandrews Rd E & Boardman St
42.341116, -122.879923
Accepted Payment:
Cash, Check, Debit, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Invoice

About Bill's Glass and windshields

Bill’s Glass began over thirty-eight years ago on the family-room pool table. Bill began cutting glass exactly to customer’s satisfaction. What started as a home-based business in 1969, has grown to three locations and twenty-six employees. When You H

319 E Mcandrews Rd, Medford, Oregon 97501
(541) 773-5881


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