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The New York Medium Business Information

The New York Medium
61 W 62nd St
New York
New York, US
Zip Code:
(347) 486-4996
Website URL:
40.771079, -73.982773
Accepted Payment:
VISA, MasterCard, American Express

About The New York Medium

It was only a few years ago that I was blissfully laid out on a massage table, totally engrossed in the process of being pampered, when my pleasure was interrupted by an old man in wire-rimmed glasses wearing a bright maroon shirt. He showed me a cane which he demonstratively tossed aside as he proceeded to dance on what looked like a tomb-stone. The old man then took me on a journey of the small town in the Western US. He showed me where he lived and the car he drove and introduced me to his shaggy dog and his rather silent but seemingly opinionated wife. He then told me how happy he was about Carol…. It was a lovely trip… except all of it was in my head. new york medium I opened my eyes and was ready to dismiss the incident, when I got a huge knot in my stomach and felt a pressing need to relay what I saw to my masseuse. I kept silent. Yet the more I held it in, the more I was overwhelmed by a feeling of great anxiety. I physically could not hold it any longer. I sat up and asked the masseuse if her grandfather had passed and if her name was Carol. After a few seconds of a blank stare and awkward silence, she nodded her head. Yes, her grandfather recently passed. Carroll was the last name of her fiancé and her wedding was scheduled for the following week. I, then, proceeded to share with her everything her grandfather revealed to me. She started to cry. I was stupefied. new york medium And that’s how it all started. Apparently Spirit decided that I will be the messenger and insisted that I deliver messages to everyone that crossed my path. Needless to say – that was a bit overwhelming – both for me and the recipients of the messages they did not solicit. I then spent months learning to harness this new gift that I received: I learned to have conversations with Spirit instead of just obediently receiving messages. Then I mastered asking Spirit to grant me private time and not ask me to deliver messages to people who are not willing to receive them. Finally, I also learned to connect with Spirit when Spirit is desperately needed. new york medium And I read…. a lot… I read every book I could get my hands on on every subject having to do with life and death: Near Death Experiences, Past Lives, Lives Between Lives, Western and Eastern Beliefs In Life After Death, countless Medium Memoirs… you name it I read it. Hundreds and hundreds of books… I needed desperately to understand my gift and its purpose. In the process of learning, I also came upon a Tarot Deck that became my trusted companion for concrete issue resolutions and glimpses into the future. Actually the deck found me – I was in a gift shop of Omega Institute browsing through books when something made me stop and look directly behind me. I was drawn to a deck that was different yet seemed so familiar to me that I had to try it. Spirit encouraged the connection and is still guiding my hand every time I spread the cards in the deck. Today I help people reconnect with their loved ones. It brings me great joy to be able to show people that there is more to us then this one brief stint on this earth. In the immortal words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “ "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

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