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Marketing Affiliate Gems
Grand Rapids
Michigan, US
(616) 228-5307
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Data Processing Service
M-Su 24hr
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About Marketing Affiliate Gems

Hello & welcome to Marketing Affiliate Gems. We help persons and businesses create a income and a platform online. The best Training, Tools, & Access
If you are looking to learn the A,B, C 's of Online marketing than you are in the right place. You can take a look at our main tool to help you here. https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=0da84477. But more than tools we give you personal one on one coaching.

My name is Cedric and I have had an interest in creating an online presence for my business back in 2010. I had great products , great customer service, great people skills and a great business but I was not very good at finding customers for my great service.

So what good is it to be great at something but not having the rewards that come with the reason that your in business. TOO MAKE MONEY!!!! This is the dilemma that many business owners have. So what is one of the best ways to find a new audience, find new customers, and to engage your current customers . While building your relationships and getting the word out for your new products, services , or charities?

As we know that the internet is a great place to do this. According to Bill Gates we are not in business unless we are on the internet.

We at Marketing Affiliate Gems have become pros at teaching people how to create an online presence at a very low and minimal cost. Whether you are the average Joe or Jane looking to make some extra money or LOTS of money from home. Or a small business looking to get the word out about your great products and services. We show you professional , sound, reputable and proven ways to get started TODAY building your business.

Ancillary INCOME

You may be a small business and your doing great. We can help you expand your profits and find new customers for cheap. Keeping your cost of new customer acquisition LOWWW!!!

While also teaching you how to earn ancillary income for your business all at the same time. Essentially paying for your marketing cost many times over.


Your website is open 24 hours. Making money and connections when you are sleep relaxing, working , retired or having fun. It is a great asset for you.

You build it at your own pace. We advise and teach you.

Retail Sales: Your website and online presence is capable of giving you a new cash register other than your Brick and Mortar sales. Or it can be your only cash register if you are building a home business online.

SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH: We all know the power of Social Media. We teach Social media strategies on how to reach new customers and make income on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other great platforms.

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