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Commercial Carpet Cleaners Inc Business Information

Commercial Carpet Cleaners Inc
6548 W Higgins Ave
Illinois, US
Zip Code:
(773) 314-2064
Website URL:
House Cleaning
41.977832, -87.792030
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About Commercial Carpet Cleaners Inc

Do you need your carpet treated? Let Commercial Carpet Cleaner handle it! Serving the Chicagoland area, we have been providing carpet cleaning solutions for your home, office or industrial building for over 40 years! With our 24-hour phone service, we want to make ourselves available to you in your time of need!<br><br>Our services include:<br><br><li>Spot cleaning<br><li>Fast and dry extraction<br><li>Anti-stain treatment<br><li>Modular furniture and office upholstery cleaning<br><li>Fabric panel cleaning<br><li>Deodorizing<br><br>Commercial Carpet Cleaner wants your confidence. We not only have the experience and knowledge but we are fully insured for your peace of mind.<br><br>Call today for more information! <br><br><br>A custom-tailored, carpet maintenance program makes you look good<br><br>Let Commercial Carpet Cleaners enhance the image of your facilities<br><br>Your carpeting not only represents a significant capital investment for your company, but also plays a major role in contributing to the overall image of your office environment. You can help maintain both the economies and overall beauty of this investment by letting Commercial Carpet Cleaners create a custom-tailored carpet maintenance plan for you. This specialized program will reward you with years of dependable, economical service and maximize the life and appearance of your carpet.<br><br>Our carpet experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your facility to design a comprehensive maintenance program ideally suited to your specific needs. This program will preserve and maintain your carpet, producing a brighter, fresher appearance week after week, month after month and year after year. Best of all, it can be easily adjusted as your organization changes - whether you're downsizing or launching an extensive office expansion.<br><br>Once your plan is established, our dedicated, trained personnel will provide you with years of valued service. You'll come to recognize our employees not only by the uniforms they wear, but by their courteous, professional manner.<br><br>We offer a comprehensive approach to carpet maintenance<br><br>Obviously, there is no one best method to clean all carpets. For optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness, our wide range of cleaning systems address the varying soiling conditions and traffic patterns in your facility.<br><br>Spot Cleaning<br><br>We spot clean all carpeting that requires special attention, such as public areas, elevators and lobbies.<br><br>High Traffic Cleaning<br><br>This procedure is utilized for high traffic hallways and heavy use walkways.<br><br>Deep Soil Extraction<br><br>Typically done annually, this includes pre-spotting for heavy soil and stains and a thorough, deep-cleaning for all areas.<br><br>Anti-stain Treatment<br><br>Effectively protects your carpet from spots and stains by applying Fabric Protector to heavy traffic areas such as entranceways and lunchrooms.<br><br>Emergency Spot Removal<br><br>We're there when you need us ... within 24 hours. It's just one more way of showing how seriously we take our commitment to you.<br><br>Modular Systems Furniture Cleaning<br><br>Commercial Carpet Cleaners provides you with the perfect solution to keeping your modular systems furniture including fabric chairs, partitions and space dividers, moveable screens and acoustical panels, etc. looking as clean, bright and attractive as they were when you first had them installed.

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