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Sarasota Foot Care Center PA Business Information

Sarasota Foot Care Center PA
1921 Waldemere St
Florida, US
Zip Code:
(941) 917-6232
Website URL:
27.319734, -82.531375
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About Sarasota Foot Care Center PA

If you suffer from foot or ankle pain and are looking for an innovative, state of the art Podiatric medical practice, we believe we can help you. At the Sarasota Foot Care Center our mission is to CURE. Compassionate staff dedicated to understanding your condition and personal needs in order to restore health and comfort to your feet in an efficient and cost effective manner. From routine checkups to foot and ankle surgery, Sarasota Foot Care Center is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. In addition to over seventy years of combined clinical experience, modern diagnostic techniques are utilized to identify complex foot and ankle conditions. This includes X-ray imaging, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI, fluoroscopy, endoscopy, arthroscopy, biopsy, nerve conduction and Doppler vascular testing. We use the most advanced medical documentation system, MD Logic World Wide EMR, to document your visit and to keep your primary care doctor well informed of your condition. This electronic medical record system ensures permanent storage and instant recall of your medical history and treatment while ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality. The EMR enables our practice to track medical outcomes so that we may apply evidence based medicine to medical decision making and treatment protocols. We are dedicated to utilizing the most modern medical technology and equipment available to treat our patients. We are committed to efficiency for our patients and ensure that your appointment runs on time. We understand the medical team approach to your care and make every effort to communicate with your primary care physician. We treat the following conditions: Achilles Tendon injury Ankle Instability - Ankle Sprains - Arthritis of the Foot & Ankle - Athletes Foot - Bone spurs - Bunions - Calluses - Corns - Diabetic Foot Pathology - Flat Feet - Foot and Ankle Injuries - Fungus Toenails - Geriatric Foot Conditions - Hammertoes - Heel Spurs - Infection - Ingrown Toenails - Metatarsalgia - Neuritis - Neuromas - Pediatric Foot Conditions - Peripheral Neuropathy - Plantar Fasciitis - Poor Circulation - Running Injurie - Skin disorder - Sports Medicine - Warts - Wounds and Ulcers. We provide the following services: Achilles tendon repair - Alcohol sclerosing injections - Ankle physical therapy - Antibiotic therapy of infections - Artery and vein testing - Arthroscopic ankle surgery - Biopsy Bunion surgery - Cortisone injections - Diabetic Foot Care - Diagnostic ultrasound Excision of bone spurs Excision of corns and calluses Extracorporeal shockwave therapy Flatfoot repair Foot and ankle fracture repair Geriatric Foot Care - Fungus toenail laser surgery - Gait analysis - Hammertoe surgery - Ingrown toenail removal - Joint replacement surgery - Liquid nitrogen treatment - Medicare diabetic shoe program - Neuroma therapy - Nerve testing of foot and leg - Orthotics & Braces - Pediatric Foot Care - Physical therapy - Routine foot care - Skin grafting - VST Myodynamic stimulation - Wound care - X-ray imaging. Please take some time to visit Sarasota Foot Care Center's website. We've included valuable information regarding podiatry, foot and ankle problems and available treatment options. In addition to contacting our office or requesting an appointment, please visit this site whenever you have concerns about your feet. Our website provides all the background information you need to know about our practice. We recognize how hectic life can be and are committed to making your visit convenient and accessible. We want you to feel confident that when you choose Sarasota Foot Care Center you've selected a qualified, experienced and caring medical team dedicated to curing your foot condition.

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