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Integrative Pediatric Health Care Business Information

Integrative Pediatric Health Care
1610 East Girard Place
Suite M
Colorado, US
Zip Code:
(720) 442-3615
(720) 870-3726
Website URL:
Holistic Practitioners
Nurses - Practitioners
M-F 9am-5pm, Sa-Su Closed (Saturday appointments available upon request.)
ADHD, Asthma, Behavioral Health Visits, Integrative Pediatrics, Medical (Health Care) Home, Minor Injury Care, Newborn Care, Pharmacy, Preventative Health Management, Sick Child Care, Special Care Needs, Vaccines, Well Child Care
ADHD, Asthma, Behavioral Health Visits, Homeopathy, Integrative Pediatrics, Medical (Health Care) Home, Minor Injury Care, Mom's Groups, Newborn Care, Parenting Classes, Pharmacy, Preventative Health Management, Sick Child Care, Special Care Needs, Vaccines, Well Child Care
Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
39.653900, -104.968304
Accepted Payment:
[email protected]

About Integrative Pediatric Health Care

Located in Englewood CO, 80113, Integrative Pediatric Health Care offers a holistic approach to promoting and managing the health of children from Denver, Littleton, Cherry Hills Village, Highlands Ranch, and Aurora areas at the comfortable, welcoming clinic in Englewood, CO. Families have access to a wide variety of services for children including holistic treatment plans for illness, minor injuries, asthma, disease prevention and management, access to vaccinations, well-child visits, and second opinion services.
The practice is owned and operated by nurse practitioners with extensive experience and training in caring for the whole child, instead of only considering a particular ailment or need. Mary Enzman-Hines, Jennifer Gaughan, and Kelly Reagan have combined experience of over 50 years in pediatric health care. Mary, Jennifer, and their team of dedicated and passionate nurse practitioners can provide you and your child with the care and treatment needed, in both sickness and in health. Some of the reasons to choose Integrative Pediatric Health Care include:
Expertise in caring for children whether they are ill or well
Can write prescriptions for the majority of a child’s needs
Can diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions
Can order and interpret lab results and diagnostic imaging
Offer same day sick appointments
Looking for an alternative to your pediatrician? The nurse practitioners will work with families to develop and maintain the health and wellbeing of their children. They take an integrative approach which focuses on healing and treating the whole child. The principles of integrative care include:
Both patient and practitioner work together throughout the healing process.
All aspects which affect health, wellness, and illness are taken into account including mind, body, spirit, and community.
All healing sciences which can facilitate the body’s inherent healing response are used.
Effective treatments which are natural and less invasive will be used whenever conceivable.
Good medicine is based on science, inquiry driven, and open to new ideas.
Health advancement and the prevention of disease and sickness are of the utmost importance.
Customized care is the best way to address the individual’s personal conditions, needs, and situations. Understanding the unique needs of each person will ensure that the cause of the problem is determined and treated effectively.
Integrative Pediatric Health Care welcomes new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance. Mary, Jennifer, and their staff are looking forward to beginning meaningful and long-term relationships with children and their families.

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