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AJM Nuisance Animal Control Business Information

AJM Nuisance Animal Control
Indiana, US
(574) 528-0707
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Services - Animal Control
Farm Supply, Feed Mills, Grain Elevators, Live-Trapping And Removal, Odor Control, Storerooms
41.282960, -85.871138
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About AJM Nuisance Animal Control

When you call AJM Nuisance Animal Control, you get a skilled professional with over 35 years of trapping and wildlife experience. We use a combination of trained tracking dogs and infrared detection to find the nuisance animals that are damaging your home or business. In addition to the usual small nuisance animals (like mice, bats, pigeons, and other birds), we'll be glad to rid your business of the less common pests. We'll keep swans and geese from nesting, get rid of burrowing moles and groundhogs, and drive away raccoons and opossums. Trust our 20 years of experience in the business. You can count on us to set up deterrence and exclusion techniques to prevent animals from returning and keep out new invaders. We offer light construction services to repair soffits, chimney caps, and other access points that the furry little critters like to use. We also use canine units and Jack Russell Terrier to assist with your animal problem. When you invite AJM Nuisance Animal Control into your home, you get nothing but respect for your property. Our goal is to protect your home from damaging animals and, if necessary, repair the damage that they have already done. If your lake house, cottage, cabin, or other rural property sits unattended for several months at a time, you need nuisance animal control that works. That means removing the animals that are there and preventing new ones from moving in and destroying your home. When you call AJM Nuisance Animal Control, you get a professional with over 35 years of experience in live trapping and hand-capturing all kinds of annoying animals, including raccoons, opossums, muskrats, beavers, skunks, and snakes. No animal is too strange for us. We stand behind our words and our actions. We're committed to solving your nuisance animal problem, and you've got our attention until it's been taken cared of. When you call us, you will get a fast response, professional conduct, and excellent service. When you bring us in to locate your lost exotic animal, we use a combination of tracking dogs, infrared detection, and good old-fashioned experience to find it. We are trained in tranquilizing (if it becomes necessary) and care for your missing pet as much as you do. When you have us remove your nuisance animals, we can often relocate them and release them into the wild. Turning them loose is a humane way to remove them from your property. You can also have us disrupt swan and goose nests to prevent them from returning. As we locate and remove the wild animals that have invaded your home, we pay special attention to figuring out how they got in. With that knowledge, we can perform light construction and repair to make sure those soffits, chimney caps, and other access points are sealed. You can also have us apply odor control and disinfectant to make your home less appealing to animals.

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