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The Tuscan Oven Pizzeria Business Information

The Tuscan Oven Pizzeria
4801 N. 9th Ave.

Florida, US
Zip Code:
(850) 484-6836
Website URL:
Food - Home Delivery
Restaurants - Pizza
M Closed, Tu-Th 11am-9pm, F-Sa 11am-10pm, Su Closed
Delivery, Dine In, Order Online, Takeout
& calamari accompany our Margherita pizza, & fresh basil, & jalapenos, & marinara, & onions with a pesto sauce., & topped with ricotta, Antipasto Plate- An ever-changing combination of cheese.meats, Bruschetta- House made Foccacia bread topped with tomato & basil mixture, Caprese Salad- Mozzarella, Cream of Artichoke, Danato Pizza- A combination of chicken, Margherita Pizza-The Traditional Italian Pizza- tomato, Original Tuscan Sandwich- Capicolla ham, Panzerotti- Mini fried pastries filled with cheese & sausage., Parmesan Chicken Salad- Creamy chicken salad w/ onions & tomatoes served w/ fruit & garlic bread., Pasta Alforno- Pasta marinara w/ Italian sausage, Pasta Calamari-Sautéed calamari, Pesto Chicken Pasta- Grilled chicken, Ricardo Pizza-Spicy sausage, Sal Fiorentina Pizza-Our spinach and ricotta pizza, Seafood Pizza- Shrimp, Tuscan Meatballs-Our hand rolled meatballs, Tuscan Salad -Our Italian house salad- complete with onions, Veggie Tuscan Sandwich- Onions, Veggie Zuppa-Tomatoes, and black olives., and mozzarella., and pasta with a splash of red wine., artichokes, capicolla ham, cheeses & olives, clams, garlic & sun-dried tomatoes, green peppers, linguini, mozzarella, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms; w/ provolone and mozzarella., onion, provolone, salami, served with marinara, spinach, tomato & basil. A classic!, tomatoes, topped w/ mozzarella cheese & baked in our oven, zucchini
30.469249, -87.214211
Accepted Payment:
American Express, Discover, VISA, Cash, MasterCard

About The Tuscan Oven Pizzeria

We opened our doors in November, 2004…The Tuscan Oven Pizzeria was now a reality and it was up to us to make it a success.

The previous year had been filled with many questions of…
“You want to do what? You want Me to do that? Seriously???”

But this was Ted’s dream and he knew it would work. The timing wasn’t perfect, but when is it ever? Deanna had a fulfilling & rewarding job as nurse manager at Baptist Hospital. Thinking about leaving was a difficult decision, but one made easier, when our first son, Paxton, was born.

Ted had lived in Gaeta, Italy when he was younger, due to his father being a Captain in the Navy. He was introduced to the Italian flavors and the uniqueness of the wood-burning oven at an early age. Due to this, we definitely knew that we could not compromise on the oven- it had to be wood-fired, and it had to be imported from Italy. The Valloriani Oven was our only choice.

Getting the 2 ton oven ( made of pumice, brick, and clay) into the restaurant proved to be a challenge, but nothing that taking down a whole section of the glass front windows, couldn’t handle. It was a sight to be seen! We all held our breath the oven was safely secured inside.

The days were filled with remodeling efforts from all. Our family had no choice but to help. The building had most recently been the Aroma of Mandarin Restaurant, but had been vacant for awhile. Lots of love was needed. So, with a newborn baby in tow, and family by our side, we cleaned, sewed, painted, and tiled. At last, we were almost ready to open. Then, a little weather condition, called Hurricane Ivan, decided to pay us a visit.

Two months, and a new roof later, we opened our doors and have never looked back.

We are so appreciative of the Pensacola community for supporting us and allowing us the opportunity to succeed. We value each of our customers and will always strive to earn and keep their loyalty.

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