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Psychic Awakening & HOllistic Chakra Balancing Center Business Information

Psychic Awakening & HOllistic Chakra Balancing Center
3715 Cahuenga Blvd

Studio City
California, US
Zip Code:
(818) 747-2656
Website URL:
click here
Psychic Mediums
Coaches - Personal
Psychci Services
Products and Services
M-Su 8am-11pm
Chakra Aura Healer, Chakra Cleansing, Love Spells, Psychic Readings, Spiritual Readers, Tarot Card Readings
Crytals Available, Love Readings, Psychic Servies, Reiki, Tarot Card Readings
34.135050, -118.361740
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About Psychic Awakening & HOllistic Chakra Balancing Center

Tarot Card Reading
Tarot cards will tell you about you and other & how they affect your life. They will reveal your past, present and future. Whether your friends are positive or negative, whether your mate is faithful in your relationship. The cards will help you get an outlook on the things to come and actions that you may need to take to prevent disaster.
Astrology Reading
In astrology there are four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The zodiac are also divided into three groups of four (four signs to each group).

These are known as Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. These also have an effect on the life and personality under who's sign they fall Every birthchart has its very distinct and individual mixture of the any of the above aspects, and may well indicate the frame of mind and conditioning you are dealing with in your lifetime.

The signs of the zodiac also have "Polarity". They are either positive or negative, but not in a "good or bad" point of view, better to think of it like a battery or a magnet, with it's positive or negative poles
Past Life Reading
Past life will tell you who you were, what you have done & who you were with in previous times-- and how those times affect your time now (whether good or bad). Sometimes you need to find out who you were so that you can release excess luggage from your past that may be holding you back in this life. Finding out about your past is a form of release of obstacles that can block your future. In the present life you could be your own worst enemy because of events that took place in your past life, by knowing and accepting things that you have done in your past they can be released.
Palm Reading
Your palm has your life line, your faith line, your headline & your heart line. Like your finger print, it is your own individual print. It will tell you about your past, present and future.

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